Members of the historical society, including a committee of retired teachers, worked extensively on creating a Power Point presentation about the founding of Wellington, as well as the history of the surrounding area leading up to present day. The Power Point is meant to be used as part of the fourth grade Florida History Curriculum for all the students in the elementary schools located in the Village of Wellington. Funding is needed for training teachers, volunteers and presenters in order to relay the information accurately to the students.
Amount Raised 12%


The Wellington Historical Society is currently collecting items for archiving, both physically and digitally, with hopes of having an exhibit within the Village of Wellington. The funds raised will help with any consultants needed to verify information and accuracy, as well as documentation and rhetoric that will further the understanding and preservation of Wellington’s history.
Amount Raised 15%

Lunch & Learn Events

Together we can learn about the history of Wellington and the surrounding landscape through the stories, expertise and documentation. Our quarterly Lunch & Learn events raise money for the Wellington Historical Society through ticket sales, drawings and donations; however, the cost of the speaker and the venue affect the net proceeds raised. With your help, we can bring in top keynote speakers and give back to the community through the generosity of our members and donors.
Amount Raised 5%

Wellington Historical Society Exhibit @ Village Hall

Our dedicated volunteers work diligently to locate, notate and archive pieces of Wellington's history. From photographs to landmarks, and memories preserved to the people who have made Wellington what it is today, the Wellington Historical Society is constantly compiling. The goal is to create an exhibit, which will be hosted at Village Hall for all to see. With your help, we can expedite this process with proper archiving and support the efforts of our volunteers to make the exhibit constantly updated and an ongoing exhibit complete with the history of the Village we all know and love.
Amount Raised 2%

Oral Histories: Interviews With The Founders

One of the primary ways to preserve history is in its oldest form, stories. The remaining founders of Wellington will help us keep a timeline and stories of the past that will make Wellington’s future strong and full of life. We are in need of technical support for these interviews, including videographers, editors, moderators and more. With your help we can document the remaining founders with an oral history that will live forever online as well as through our exhibit.
Amount Raised 10%